Research & Publications

Research Interests

  • Women sport fans

  • Culture/cultural production of sport fandom

  • Language use and visual representations in marketing campaigns 

  • Critical inquiry 

  • Qualitative methodology


Peer Reviewed Publications

Sveinson, K., Delia, E., Mansfield, A., & Calow, E. (Accepted). The impact of life-disrupting threat on team identity. Sport Management Review.

Taylor, L., Sveinson, K., Wegner, C., Jones, G ., & Heffernan, C. (In Press). Exploring Perceptions of Prototypical Leadership and Gender Encoding Bias among Aspiring Female Athletes. Leisure Sciences,

Sveinson, K., & Hoeber, L. (In Press). Fashion versus comfort: Exploring the gendered marketing messages of sport team licensed merchandise. Journal of Sport Management.

Sveinson, K., & Toffoletti, K. (In Press). What makes sport spectating family friendly? A phenomenological study of mothers’ sport fan game-day experiences. Journal of Sport Management.

Bredikhina, N., Sveinson, K., & Kunkle, T. (2022). Athlete interrupted: Exploration of athlete’s personal brand management in times of crisis. Sport Marketing Quarterly, 31(3), 212-227.

Sveinson, K., & Allison, R. (2022). “Something seriously wrong with US Soccer”: A critical discourse analysis of consumers’ Twitter responses to U.S. Soccer’s girls’ apparel promotion. Journal of Sport Management, 36(5), 446-458.

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Delia, E., Melton, N., Sveinson, K., Cunningham, G., & Lock, D. (2022). Understanding the lack of diversity in sport consumer behavior research. Journal of Sport Management, 36(3), 265-276.

Sveinson, K., Hoeber, L., & Heffernan, C. (2021). Critical discourse analysis as theory, methodology, and analysis in sport management studies. Journal of Sport Management, 35(5), 465-475.

Sveinson, K., & Hoeber, L. (2020). So begins the demise of #Superman from Metropolis”: Consumers’ Twitter reactions to an athlete’s transgression. Sport Management Review, 23(5), 810-823.

Sveinson, K., Hoeber, L., & Toffoletti, K. (2019). “If people are wearing pink stuff they’re probably not real fans”: Exploring women’s perceptions of sport fan clothing. Sport Management Review, 22(5), 736-747.

Hyatt, C., Kerwin, S., Hoeber, L., & Sveinson, K. (2018). The reverse socialization of sport fans: How children impact their parents’ sport fandom. Journal of Sport Management32(6), 542-554.

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Liechty, T., Sveinson, K., Willfong, F., & Evans, K. (2015). “It doesn’t matter how big or small you are…there’s a position for you”: Body image among female tackle football players. Leisure Sciences, 37(2), 109-124. doi: 10.1080/01490400.2014.980591

Sveinson, K., & Hoeber, L. (2015). Overlooking the obvious: An exploration of what it means to be a sport fan from a female perspective. Leisure Studies, 34(4), 405-419. doi: 10.1080/02614367.2014.923496

Liechty, T., Ribeiro, N.F., Sveinson, K., & Dahlstrom L. (2014). “It’s about what I can do with my body”: Body image and embodied experiences of aging among older Canadian men. International Journal of Men’s Health, 13(1), 3-21.

Liechty, T., Dahlstrom, L., Sveinson, K., Son, J., & Rossow-Kimball, B. (2014). Canadian men’s perceptions of leisure-time physical activity and the aging body. Qualitative Research in Sport, Exercise, and Health, 6(1), 20-44.

© Katie Sveinson 2023

© Katie Sveinson 2023